Best Vibram Shoes For CrossFit

Best Vibram Shoes For CrossFitIn the past years working out and exercising have become so mainstream that basically anyone of any body type is doing them in different forms. There is the conventional running or jogging, weightlifting, gym exercises, and CrossFit. CrossFit has become popular in the past years, because it is one form of workout that really helps in losing weight and building muscles and core strength.

When doing this type of workout, it is important to wear the right gear, especially the shoes, as the exercises involved are very intense. Vibram is one shoe brand that offers different CrossFit shoes for men and women. Read on to know the best Vibram shoes for CrossFit.


Vibram Men’s EL-X Cross Training Shoe

Vibram Men's EL-X Cross Training ShoeAt just 4 ounces, the EL-X Cross Training Shoe is one of the best Vibram shoes for CrossFit. It is very lightweight and it will not interfere in the complex movements that the individual will do while training for CrossFit.

Its thin but very durable sole will make the wearer feel like he is barefoot but still provide the needed protection that the feet need. The polyester mesh material on the upper part makes the feet breathe and keep them fresh all throughout the training, and it is not easily invaded by water.

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Vibram Women’s KSO Evo Cross Training Shoe

Vibram Women's KSO Evo Cross Training ShoeThe FiveFingers design is ideal for those who want to feel the terrain on their feet while still being protected from sharp objects and other obstacles. The thin sole does great job in protecting the feet from the shock that the feet receive from the body’s weight. The KSO Evo Cross Training shoe is very lightweight without compromising safety and comfort.

The shoe’s speed lacing system makes it perfect for this type of workout, as the laces do not come off in the middle of training. It saves a lot of time and is safer when running and doing CrossFit. There are also several different colors available to liven up the workout outfit.

Check out these other women’s CrossFit shoe reviews if Vibram isn’t exactly what you are looking for.

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Vibram Fivefingers Men’s KMD Sport LS Cross Trainers

Vibram Fivefingers Men's KMD Sport LS Cross TrainersCrossFit, being an intense workout, requires shoes that will be able to take the pressure from all the movements as well as protect the feet from all other elements while still being comfortable and stylish. The Vibram Fivefingers KMD LS Cross Trainers are all those.

Wearing them during CrossFit will make the wearer train more easily and comfortably. The glove-like design lets the wearer experience what it’s like to train barefoot, but have the best foot protection anyone can ever need.

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Wearing the right shoes for a particular type of exercise is essential, as the feet are one of the body parts that bear the brunt of the workout. Wearing the kind of shoes may contribute to more aches and pains instead of helping in the workout process. The best shoes will vary from person to person, depending on different factors.

Having found the perfect pair of shoes to wear when doing CrossFit, an individual can now focus on the task at hand, which is losing weight and strengthening the body through the workout.