Best New Balance CrossFit Shoes

Best New Balance CrossFit ShoesCrossFit is a hit to fitness buffs nowadays. It’s no longer just for those who are joining the army or the police, but it’s for everyone who would like to have a full body workout to keep them fit and healthy. If you’re considering enrolling in this program, having the appropriate outfit is an important thing.

It should be comfortable and it should fit properly so you can move freely. Your workout outfit includes your shoes. New Balance is a popular brand when it comes to trainings like this. Their shoes are known for the durability, style, and the balance they provide. Let’s take a look at some of the best New Balance CrossFit shoes that you can purchase.


New Balance Men’s MX797v2 Cross-Training Shoe

New Balance Men's MX797v2 Cross-Training ShoeThis synthetic and mesh pair of shoes was designed for quick and sharp movements, perfect for those who are on crossfit training. Its rubber sole keeps you comfortable as it allows air to breathe and at the same time prevent water from getting in. Another thing that makes it one of the best New Balance crossfit shoes is its weight.

Since it’s lightweight, you can move faster and a lot easier as its weight wouldn’t get in your way. It uses QUIX technology optimized traction to secure your feet and prevent injuries. Available in blue color, it costs $89.90, which is just reasonable considering its comfort, sturdiness and style.

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New Balance Men’s MX20BS4 Cross Minimus Training Shoe

New Balance Men's MX20v4 Minimus Training ShoeYou can never go wrong with a pair of New Balance training shoes as they have the comfort and safety of the users in mind. This specific model of shoes is priced at $99.95. Its black and silver color is sleek and would match any type of outfit. If you’re the type who doesn’t want to worry if your clothes match with your shoes, this is a good option as black goes well with everything.

This lace-up trainer that features no-sew mesh upper with stabilizing overlays keep the shoes properly fitted on your feet. Its Vibram outsole is durable and safe to use in various surfaces, whether hard or soft. Vibram soles are also known for their grip and for being abrasion-resistant. This model is also breathable thus adding comfort to your feet. Since it’s also lightweight, it almost feels that you’re barefoot, only with added protection and support.

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New Balance Men’s MX80V2 Fresh Foam Training Shoe

New Balance Men's MX80V2 Fresh Foam Training ShoeThis model was created for high-intensity workouts like CrossFit. Its cushion footbed is soft and comfortable, bringing relief to your feet after a long, strenuous activity. New Balance Men’s MX80V2 Fresh Foam Training Shoes are lightweight like the other training shoes of the brand.

This would allow you to move faster, which is a vital part in CrossFit training. It also offers you stability that will definitely keep you on your feet. Support to your ankle is also provided, which keep you balanced, as well as avoid twisting your feet preventing injuries. It’s available in blue and yellow, and black and red. The price ranges from $69.99 – $99.95.

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New Balance has been around since 1906. It’s a trusted brand when it comes to sports and workout shoes. They continuously find ways to improve their products with the goal to give the best possible experience to their users. This is why it’s one of the top names that many athletes and fitness enthusiasts choose when it comes to their training shoes.

You’ll never go wrong with the list of options that we included in our reviews of the best offerings from New Balance. All of them are durable, lightweight and comfortable, and they offer support. It now generally boils down to your personal style and budget.