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When most people think of gym shoes they figure just any old pair will do. Why get a nice pair all sweaty and let's face it...smelly?! That line of thinking might be holding you back! When it comes to performance it's about the sum of all the parts. And it starts with your feet!

Think about it. If your feet are comfortable the rest of you feels good. Right? Look online for the best pair and what do you find? You find a mess of information in glibs and globs all over the place. How do you decide which pair is right for you? What do you even look for in a CrossFit shoe?

Welcome to GettinFit.net! You'll find all of the answers you need when it comes to picking out the perfect pair in our best CrossFit shoes reviews. From reviews of the different types to comparisons of the top brands... browse through our site and you'll have happy, high-performing feet in no time!

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